Summer School in Languages and Linguistics 2018
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Summer School in Languages and Linguistics 2018 Languages & Linguistics

For master’s/PhD students | This Summer School offers a varied program with specialized courses in fields such as Chinese, Germanic, Indo-European, and Semitic languages and linguistics. During these two weeks of intense learning, you will be able to deepen as well as share your knowledge together with linguistics students and enthusiasts from all over the world. We are now open to applications.

  • Start date 09-07-18
  • Duration 2 weeks
  • Level Master | PhD
  • Location Leiden
  • Course fee 240 - 550

Course information

Teaching language

All courses are taught in English, which means that good knowledge of the English language is a basic requirement. Only the course on Russian literature is taught in Russian.

Why this Summer School? What's in it for me?


Active participation in a course stands for 2 ECTS. At the end of the Summer School, every participant will receive a certificate, which will indicate the courses followed and the amount of awarded ECTS credits. In order to get 5 ECTS credits (in total per course), participants can ask their teacher for an extra take-home examination, which will then be corrected and graded after the Summer School. If the student passes, he/she will receive a new certificate with the extra three ECTS from the organization.



The program for 2018 can be viewed here. Courses are organized in accordance to the program they belong to (such as Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Descriptive, etc.), but you are not restricted to the Germanic program when choosing Old English, for example. You may choose courses from different programs if you like.

Extracurricular activities

Aside from the course program, there are several extracurricular activities you are invited to join. There are activities free of charge (costs are included in your tuition fee), as well as additional activities for which we ask a small contribution.

Activities included in tuition fee

  • Opening reception: In the afternoon of Sunday, July 8th, an opening reception will be held. Attending the reception is not obligatory, but it is an opportunity to get to know other participants as well as your teachers in an informal setting.
  • Evening lectures: Several evening lectures on various linguistic topics are organized during both Summer School weeks.
  • Farewell dinner: After the last classes on Friday, July 20th, a joint dinner will end the Summer School in a festive way. At this occassion, all participants will receive their certificates.

Additional activities

  • Greek buffet: Enjoy a Greek dinner in the university restaurant.
  • Boat tour: Discover the city of Leiden by touring the historic canals.

Practical information


Lunch is not included in the tuition fee. However, a warm lunch will be provided daily at the same location as the courses. Participating in the joint lunch is possible for an additional € 75,- (for all 10 days of the Summer School, € 7,50 per day; paying for lunch on separate days is not possible).


It is possible to book accommodation via us. We offer rooms in various student housing buildings throughout Leiden. Since the number of rooms is limited, we handle strict deadlines and rooms are granted on a first come, first serve basis (registration has been closed).

Important: When being admitted to the program and having applied for accommodation, please note that we cannot guarantee you a room right away. Between 1 – 10 May we will be able to offer you accommodation. You are then requested to make your payment within one week of the offer. Should you not succeed in paying on time, the offer will expire. When you are not offered a room, we can place you on a waiting list in case a room comes available. However, since the waiting list is no guarantee, we highly recommend you to also look at alternatives for accommodation (for example via Airbnb or Yestudent).

Accommodation costs

These are the costs for staying in a room during the Summer School. Check in is on Sunday July 8th, check out is on Saturday July 21st. Booking additional nights is not possible.

  • Single room: €600
  • Shared room: €420

What you can expect

The rooms we provide are based at either Webster University’s Living and Learning Centre or various locations managed by student housing corporation DUWO. You can choose between a single room or a shared room (shared with one or two others). Please note there are usually more single than shared rooms available. You will be assigned to a room at random in the category you choose. Preferences regarding location, and/or fellow participants you wish to share a room with can be taken into account provided you notify us early on.

Course fees

The fees for participation are as follows:

  • €550,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots
  • €390,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €240,- for 1 course / timeslot

There is a special rate for registered BA/MA/PhD students (outside Leiden), who pay

  • €460,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots
  • €330,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €190,- for 1 course / timeslot

BA/MA/PhD students, registered in Leiden, pay

  • €260,- for 3 or 4 courses / timeslots
  • €190,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €120,- for 1 course / timeslot

Fee includes tuition, study materials, extracurricular activities, coffee and tea during breaks, the welcome reception, and the farewell diner.


Applicants are admitted on the basis of their previous training. A background in linguistics is highly recommended, as we mostly offer advanced courses on highly specific topics (aimed at master/PhD level students, or advanced bachelor students). If you do not have any background in this field, we'll ask you to provide us a motivation why you would like to follow this particular course. After admittance, we kindly ask you to make your payment as soon as possible.


Deadlines for those who book accommodation with us are earlier than the regular deadlines. Please view the diagram on the right.

Please note: the deadline for the application is closed.

Cancellation policy

If you have already paid the tuition fee, but are no longer able to attend the Summer School, please contact the organizers as soon as possible.

Refund deadlines

  • Refund for accommodation costs: 100%* until 1 June
  • Refund of tuition fee and/or lunch: 100%* until 1 July

No refund is possible after these dates.

* Please note that for a refund we will ask you to pay €20,- administration costs. Refunds will be issued no earlier than September.

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Summer School in Languages and Linguistics 2018

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