Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)
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Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS) Medicine Science

The Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School, LOTS, is a collaboration between the university of Leiden and Oxford. The school is organised primarily for biomedical and medical students that are in the beginning of their studies and are interested in transplantation and (clinical) research. The summer school takes place in Leiden and lasts 3 and a half days in total. The school is set up for a small group of students (around 20 students in total) so there is plenty of interaction. During the summer school, you will learn about all aspects of transplantation and work with students from all around the world. The program exists of interactive lectures, patient interviews, small group assignments and games about clinical transplant cases. In the end every group will write a proposal for scientific innovation to improve the outcome for transplant recipients. And of course, there is also time to have fun and get to know each other!

  • Start date 07-07-19
  • Duration 3 and a half days
  • Level Bachelor | Master (bio)medical
  • Apply before 31-03-19
  • Location Leiden
  • Course fee 75 euro

Registration for LOTS 2018 is now closed. Registration for LOTS 2019 will start in January 2019

Who can apply?

LOTS is open to all international students! The summer school is primarily open for bachelor (bio)medical students, but master students are also welcome to apply. Also, students with a different background are welcome to send us their application! The working language during LOTS is English.


How to apply?

Registration for LOTS 2019 will start in January 2019 and the deadline is March 31st 2019.

Based on the application form and your curriculum vitae, we will select the candidates for the summer school, you will hear if you are selected to join LOTS early April. Around 20 students will be selected to participate. The selected participants will be asked to finish the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Clinical Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplantation, as a mandatory preparation for the course before the 1st of July 2019.

Lecturers and speakers

Prof. Dr. M.E.J. Reinders

Prof. Dr. C. van Kooten

Prof. Dr. P.N. Harden

Prof. Dr. R.J. Ploeg

Prof. Dr. F.H.J. Claas

Prof. Dr. I.P.J. Alwayn

Dr. S. Heidt

Dr. F. Issa

Dr. D.L. Roelen

Dr. M. Eikmans

Dr. M. Nijboer

Dr. V.A.L. Huurman

Mw. R.E. Dam

Dr. A. Cesar Soares dos Santos Junior

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Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)
Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)

Jona (Albania) review

"I had a magnificent time at LOTS - in between learning about transplantation from the best professors in the field and making new, lasting connections with local and international students. A splendid experience that I would highly recommend!"

Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)

Philipp (Southampton, UK) review

"A great opportunity to uncover transplant medicine. Whether ethics, immunology or surgery, everything is delivered right to the needs of curious students. Very happy for the friends/opportunities I made and look forward to everything future offers"

Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)

Gonzalo (Colombia) review

“The lectures are very concise, exciting and cover a big range of aspects of the field. Direct interaction with leading experts in the field and many international peers eases the creation of valuable network for the future. Overall an excellent experience

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