Leiden BNU Astronomy Summer School
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Leiden BNU Astronomy Summer School Science

The Leiden BNU Astronomy Summer School is a collaboration between Leiden Observatory and Beijing Normal University. Leiden Observatory is pleased to welcome BNU bachelor students for an interactive programme in computational astrophysics. Computational Astrophysics is a rapidly developing paradigm in modern astrophysics. In recent years, multi-scale and multi-physics simulations become feasible on workstations and even personal computers, thanks to the state-of-the-art algorithms and hardware.

  • Start date 15-07-18
  • Duration 2 weeks
  • Level Bachelor students
  • Location Leiden

The main goal of the proposed workshop is to study several gravitational dynamics processes using some commonly used computational methods. The main focuses of this workshop are:

  1. The secular evolution of the Solar System and exoplanetary system
  2. The Lidov-Kozai cycles and their applications
  3. The dynamical evolution of star clusters
  4. The dynamics of galaxy mergers

Students will be working collaboratively in small groups. Each small group can choose a research project. Beside the research projects, the Summer School includes several colloquia on different topics, lectures in computation astrophysics, an excursion to LOFAR/Dwingeloo and a social programme. 

Who can apply

This Summer School programme is open to selected BNU bachelor students only.

How to Apply

Application via BNU. 

Leiden Observatory

Leiden Observatory is a world-class institute for research in astronomy and astrophysics based in the Netherlands, approximately 35km from Amsterdam. The atmosphere at the observatory is dynamic, with approximately 100 faculty/research scientists and 70 graduate students engaged in astrophysical research on a wide range of topics. Major fields of interest include extrasolar planets, star formation, cosmology, galaxy formation, instrumentation, and astrochemistry. Multiple research projects will likely be available within these fields.

Leiden Observatory


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